I’m gonna have to apologize for the above statement. That person speaks not one word at all for me or Black American women in general, and that was a spectacularly…

A secondary component of horror movies, that are often set in desert and rural landscapes, is the type of horror set in “Liminal Spaces”, such as cars, highways, rest stops, and hotels and motels. Not necessarily the road trip movie, which is often about affirming relationships and nostalgia, but traveling from point A to point B, through the more remote areas of America, and how this makes the traveler a liminal being, because of their status as not being in any particular space or time, and how that invokes a certain kind of horror. …

This is great!

I thought of some of the rapper's voices, cadences, and styles I liked the most and came up with Tupac, Swizz Beatz, DMX, Ice Cube, and Nicki Minaj. and Will Smith. I know thats a weird grouping, but those are the kind of rappers I gravitate to.

In 1974, Tobe Hooper released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which seemed to release some sort of valve, because city people have been visiting the rural South, so they can die horribly at the hands, chainsaws, and shotguns, of its residents for decades. I cannot entirely blame it all on Hooper, because in 1972, Deliverance was released, a movie about a hunting trip that goes horrifically wrong, after four city men meet some banjo playing locals. Country people have been terrorizing city people ever since.

The country is the place city people go to to be tortured, raped, and/or consumed, by…

This also doesn't take into account the idea that white people feel entitled to have access to Black bodies, and get insulted when we don't allow them to pet us as if were dogs and cats. Its a pattern of behavior that says nothing about me, but says about white people that they have no manners, and that their beliefs about bodily autonomy, and not touching strangers, doesn't apply to us.

Bye Felicia!

For all of the white people who are not yet blocked: if you are a white man or woman, who has no stories, and has less than 50 followers, and you respond to one of my posts, there will be no response to you, and in all likelihood you will get blocked. I’ve had more than enough of white people’s tears, whining, and nonsense online, to last an entire lifetime. I do not need more, and I do not believe in f**king around when it comes to blocking people.

Whatever you’re about to say, I’ve already heard it.

I am…

White Hollywood loves slave rebellion movies starring robots, but starring Black people, not so much.

White men have always been looking forward to the next slave rebellion, but only if it features robots. Why?Because robots, (or any beings classified as non-human constructs), are a lot easier to kill than people, and it’s easier for people to argue against their autonomy.

Because of the absolute refusal to deal with one of America’s original sins, white men are cursed to relive the terror of the slave rebellion, over, and over again, in film after film, and show after show. The Terminator, Bladerunner…

Po’ White Folks Is Scary

In 1974, Tobe Hooper released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which seemed to release some sort of valve, because city people have been going to the country to die horribly, ever since. To be honest, I cannot entirely blame it all on Hooper, because in 1972, Deliverance, a movie about a hunting trip by four friends from the city, that goes horribly wrong when they meet the locals, was released, along with the movie Frogs, a movie about rich people being attacked by malicious frogs at their country estate.

The country is the place city dwellers…

I Can’t Trust White People When It Comes To My Safety

When people lie to themselves about the big issues, that seeps into other facets of their thinking, and makes…

I Ain’t Never Gonna Be A Lady

When I was a little girl I wanted to be Lt. Nyota Uhura, from Star Trek. She was smart, well spoken, beautiful, elegant. That was how Iwanted to be when I grew up. I had no idea how such a thing would happen but it was what I wanted. Uhura was a Lady ,and ladies are beautiful.

There are two incidents I vividly remember from my childhood, when I first started questioning things like race and gender, and they are both related to television. …

Lakitha Tolbert

Busybody librarian from Ohio.

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