Bye Felicia!

For all of the white people who are not yet blocked: if you are a white man or woman, who has no stories, and has less than 50 followers, and you respond to one of my posts, there will be no response to you, and in all likelihood you will get blocked. I’ve had more than enough of white people’s tears, whining, and nonsense online, to last an entire lifetime. I do not need more, and I do not believe in f**king around when it comes to blocking people.

Whatever you’re about to say, I’ve already heard it.

I am…

White Hollywood loves slave rebellion movies starring robots, but starring Black people, not so much.

White men have always been looking forward to the next slave rebellion, but only if it features robots. Why?Because robots, (or any beings classified as non-human constructs), are a lot easier to kill than people, and it’s easier for people to argue against their autonomy.

Because of the absolute refusal to deal with one of America’s original sins, white men are cursed to relive the terror of the slave rebellion, over, and over again, in film after film, and show after show. The Terminator, Bladerunner…

Po’ White Folks Is Scary

In 1974, Tobe Hooper released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which seemed to release some sort of valve, because city people have been going to the country to die horribly, ever since. To be honest, I cannot entirely blame it all on Hooper, because in 1972, Deliverance, a movie about a hunting trip by four friends from the city, that goes horribly wrong when they meet the locals, was released, along with the movie Frogs, a movie about rich people being attacked by malicious frogs at their country estate.

The country is the place city dwellers…

I Can’t Trust White People When It Comes To My Safety

When people lie to themselves about the big issues, that seeps into other facets of their thinking, and makes…

I Ain’t Never Gonna Be A Lady

When I was a little girl I wanted to be Lt. Nyota Uhura, from Star Trek. She was smart, well spoken, beautiful, elegant. That was how Iwanted to be when I grew up. I had no idea how such a thing would happen but it was what I wanted. Uhura was a Lady ,and ladies are beautiful.

There are two incidents I vividly remember from my childhood, when I first started questioning things like race and gender, and they are both related to television. …

Starring the Landscape: Part II

When I was a child, the very first city related Horror movies I remember, were Godzilla, and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, two stories about larger than life monsters destroying the biggest things humans have ever built — cities. These movies made an indelible impression on a little girl who lived in the city, and loved dinosaurs. It explains my love of Kaiju stories, from Godzilla, to Cloverfield, to Pacific Rim, and how movies about the destruction of cities have often moved me the most.

I grew up watching these films during the Cold War…

Part I of the Starring the Landscape series

Photo: Farhan Amoor @FreeImages

I have always been fascinated by Horror movies. I come by it honestly, and blame my mother for setting this whole thing in motion. In primary school, when I had the chance to do book reports, I often did mine on whatever latest horror novel I was reading. I hope, as I’ve gotten older, that I’m much better at explaining my fascination with all things Horror, because I’m about to start this series on the use, and history, of specific settings in Horror films, starting with one of my favorite settings, suburbia.

For nearly three centuries, straight, white, men took it upon themselves to define the existences of everyone who was not them; women, Blacks, Asians, Gays and Lesbians, and that’s if their existences were acknowledged at all. The early days of American comedy, as was much of society, and all of pop culture, was ruled by the tastes of straight, white, cis-gender men, who made everyone that was not them, the butt of the joke, publicly hash out their racial and gender anxieties, and reinforce their superiority over those they mocked.

But comedy, like all pop culture is not static. Things…

Yeah, I did that.

Yeah, I know you weren't talking to me, but I blocked you anyway, because I don’t ever want you interacting with me. I don’t want you seeing what I wrote, or interjecting your useless commentary into the conversation.

You see, (well, I guess you don’t see because you’ve been blocked!), I saw what an asshole you were to the person whose story I just read, and I don’t want any interactions with you. I don’t want to see your nasty and/or inane commentary again, either. …

2008 saw the release of the movie The Strangers, one of a long line of home invasion movies throughout Hollywood history. A couple goes on vacation and gets terrorized by three strangers, who invade their home.

There have always been home invasion movies, but its a trope that became especially popular after the Manson-Tate Murders in 1969, when followers of cult leader, Charles Manson, broke into the home of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski, killing Tate, and her unborn child, and leaving the graffiti, Helter Skelter, which was a reference to Manson’s plan that the murders would cause a race…

Lakitha Tolbert

Busybody librarian from Ohio.

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