I think this occurred to me, about that man, when I was on Tumblr, and began to realize the sheer amount of trauma being created in this man’s wake. We have an entire generation of traumatized children, and at some point in the future, we’re all gonna pay for all that shit we did to them. LGBTQ, millenials, people with disabilities, poc, immigrants, are all being traumatized daily by the pronouncements coming from the White House, and the deeds of his sycophantic followers. As soon as we’ve cleared one crisis, he is set to create yet another crisis. The past two years have been one long series of emotional hurdles, and my heart goes out to everyone who has been experiencing severe emotional distress because of this man’s (and his followers) existence.

I also know the signs from personal experience as well. I knew a young woman in college who, in hindsight, displayed all the common markers for Narcissism. Things started off okay, but as the relationship went on, I became more and more miserable, and kept thinking it was just me. I got away from her with the help of some healthier friends who could see in her what I didn’t, that it was not anything I was doing, and who urged me to dump her.

I well understand cutting people out of your life who are of no possible good to your emotional well being and a firm proponent of that. You must do what you have to, to protect yourself from such toxic people, and congratulate on your newfound freedom.

You’re wrong about one thing, though. You have won at least a little bit of peace.

Busybody librarian from Ohio.

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